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  This appraisal / report is subject to the terms and conditions stated herein, and expresses no warranties. If Independent Gemological laboratories, LLC has prepared an estimated insurance replacement value for this item, any other use of this value shall render it null and void. If no values are expressed, this is an information / inspection report to be used for identification and assurance purposes only.

The inspection and effective date is that of the document. Any insurance values expressed are determined at that time using standard and IndependentSM industry practices and pricing formulations to recreate or replace item. No taxes were added.

A minimum of two gemologists, using generally accepted rules, instruments, and techniques of IndependentSM performed this appraisal / report. All statements are true to the best of the gemologist’s knowledge, and are bona fide opinions. Both the gemologist and Independent Gemological Laboratories have no interest in the item in either the past, present or future.

IndependentSM and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense resulting from any error in or omission from this report, or from the issuance of or use of this report or any inscription, even if the loss, damage or expense was caused by or resulted from the negligence or other fault (except fraud, willful misconduct or gross negligence) of IndependentSM or any of its employees or agents, and in any event, IndependentSM and its employees and agents shall not be liable for special or consequential damages resulting from any error in or omission from or for the issuance of or use of this report or any inscription caused by the acts of others, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. The liability of IndependentSM in the event of any claim by a client or third party shall be limited to the fee paid for that report or service.

The results of any examination performed may differ depending upon (i) when, how and by whom the item is examined and (ii) the changes and improvements in techniques and equipment that may have occurred which may enable the examiner to detect, among other things, the use of processes for altering the characteristics of a stone or stones, which use was previously unetectable by IndependentSM, or alterations which became reversable, even if the process remains undetectable.

The trademark, service mark, logo, words, characters or other symbols of an inscription or engraving, other than IndependentSM report number, or an IndependentSM trademark, service mark, or logo, are solely determined by an attributable to the client and are neither attributable to nor an indication of any determination by IndependentSM.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are filled with a substance that is light and heat sensitive. Cleaning processes may result in damage to the filler. All grades are descriptive of the stone with the filler. If the filler is removed, clarity grades will normally decline one to two grades.

Evaluation of colored gemstones may include determination or disclosure of any treatment. For information regarding standard treatments see independentSM defines the use of natural origin of any diamond or gemstone as a stone coming from the earth. It does not apply to the color or other attributes of the diamond or gemstone.

Photograph is for reference purposes only and may not be your individual item. For complete terms and conditions contact Independent Gemological Laboratories, LLC.

Light Performance Macro-Scope
Computer Aided Measuring Device
Electronic Balance
Binocular Microscope
Short-wave Fluorescent Light
Gem Scope
Triplet Loupe
Long-wave Fluorescent Light
Ideal Scope
Master Color Comparison Stones
Millimeter Gauge
Laser Inscriber


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