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Independent Gemological Laboratories, LLC - Privacy Policy
Purpose of the Website
This website and any information contained herein (“Website”) is provided for the purposes of your knowledge and general understanding, as well as to allow you to register your certificate with us.
Scope of Our Policy:
Independent Gemological Laboratories, LLC and its employees, officers, directors, affiliates and subsidiaries (“Independent”) recognizes the importance of privacy. We believe that privacy is an important issue for all parties on more than just a compliance level; we believe that it is a matter of trust.
This policy applies to on-line, in person and telephonic interactions. We strive to manage your personal information, which you provide to us, with our basic belief in respect for the individual. Our policy covers:
How and why we collect your personal information.
How your information is used, shared and protected
The choices you can make, cookies, and our policy regarding the limit on the use of this Website by children 13 years of age and younger.
  If you have questions or want to contact us, please see the Contact Us section on this Website.  
  Information We Collect:  
  All personal information about you is provided by you directly to Independent through the Website, telephone or written forms.  
  As part of the registration of a specific certificate we collect your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and certificate number as the means to associate your certificate with the registrant.  
  In the processing of processing your payment by credit card, we are required to collect your name, physical address, email address, credit card information, including the number, date of expiration and “CIN” security number.  
  Use and Sharing of information:  
  We limit access to your information internally to a “need to know basis”. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We never share your information with anyone unless ordered to by a law enforcement body through a subpoena, court order, interrogatories, or similar directive carrying the force of the law.  
  A member of our staff would only contact you to follow up on a customer service enquiry or for transactional purposes, even if you have opted-out of communications. We do not market our services directly to the public by telephone.  
  How we protect your information:  
  Independent does not collect information from passive methods that are hidden from you.  
  Any information we collect about you is from the registration form you have filled out. That information is kept on our server, which is protected behind a firewall.  
  We have a relationship with PayPal for credit card transactions to enhance our ability to protect your privacy.  
  We are not responsible for the content or the privacy and security policies and practices of any third-party websites accessible from a link on our Website.  
  You supply any information we possess about you. We allow you to opt-in or opt-out of communications from us. We want to communicate with you in the way(s) you choose, whether by phone, email or in writing.  
  Cookies and how we use them:  
  A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a website that is saved on your hard disk by your computer’s browser; it holds information a website may need to interact with you in order to, among other things, personalize your experience. At Independent we only use session cookies. Upon exit from our Website your information is not saved by, or on, our system.  
  Children’s protection:  
  We do not expect that children 13 years of age or younger will access or register a piece of jewelry purchased. For that reason we do not allow anyone 13 years of age or younger to register a certificate.  
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