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Why is it important to buy certified diamonds?
Your Independent Gemological Laboratories report provides you with the assurance that your gem or finished piece of jewelry has been examined and graded by at least two graduate gemologists. A laboratory report assures you of the quality and authenticity of your purchase, and documents the stone’s specific characteristics, which can be used to verify it’s identity.
Independent Gemological Laboratories
Is a full service gemological laboratory that provides grading and appraisal services to the nation’s largest retailers and diamond companies. In the laboratory, diamonds are graded and rechecked by at least two graduate gemologists with state of the art equipment, and replacement values are calculated by experienced appraisal experts.
What is the difference between a grading report and an appraisal report?
A diamond grading report will include the carat weight, cut, color, clarity, and a plot of the diamond’s internal characteristics. The report will describe the shape, measurements, proportions, and polish and symmetry. A grading report will not include an appraisal, or statement of monetary value. An appraisal will describe the gemstone or article of jewelry, provide a photograph, and have an estimated retail replacement value for insurance purposes.
Why is an independent appraisal necessary?
An appraisal is a document that evaluates the quality characteristics of a stone or article of jewelry and determines a replacement value for insurance purposes. Even if your diamond has a grading report, many insurance companies require an independent appraisal to establish coverage for your diamond. A thorough, independent appraisal strengthens confidence in your purchase by reconfirming the identity and grading of the diamond, gemstone, or finished piece of jewelry, and establishing the value of the gem or finished piece of jewelry for insurance purposes.
What is an independent appraisal?
An independent appraisal is an evaluation performed by a credentialed individual who is not engaged in buying or selling jewelry, and has no vested interest in the grading or purchase price of a stone or article of jewelry. The appraisal is a document stating the approximate retail replacement value of an item. The replacement value is calculated by evaluating the cut, color, clarity, and total carat weight of the gemstone(s), the weight of the metal and craftsmanship of the piece, and using current market data to establish a replacement value which reflects typical retail prices. Your insurance company will use the appraisal to calculate a coverage rate for your gem or piece of jewelry.
When should I update the replacement value on my appraisal?
To keep your insurance coverage current, you may need to update your estimated retail replacement value on your appraisal report every year. Consult with your insurance carrier to determine how often your appraisal should be updated. We recommend that the original document be kept in safe place. IndependentSM retains a permanent record of your report in our database filed under your report number. If your item has been registered, a permanent record has also been retained linked to your name and address and may be retreived or updated without your report number. If your report does not have an estimated retail replacement value, please contact IndependentSM for assistance. Click here to update your report.
Should I register my report?

Registration will enable Independent Gemological Laboratories to keep a permanent record of your purchase linked to your name and address in our database. Once you are registered, in the event of a loss or theft, Independent will assist by providing a report of your file to you, and additional copies for any other parties (such as the police, etc.) who may need it. In addition, if after registration your report is lost, you may obtain a reprint if you have no record of the report number.Click here to register your report.

The appraisal report
Includes the weight, measurements, proportions, color, clarity, fluorescence, description, and estimated retail replacement value. If the diamond was graded unmounted, there will also be a plot of the diamond’s inclusions. If the diamond was graded mounted, there will be a photograph of the finished piece of jewelry, and color and clarity will be expressed as a range of two grades.
Estimated retail replacement value
Has been calculated using current market data and industry research to determine a retail replacement value for insurance purposes. The replacement value is an independently calculated suggested value to obtain insurance coverage, and does not have a direct relationship to the purchase price of your item.
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