Independent Gemological Laboratories
Certification registration
Why register?
  Independent™ Article Registration Service
  Registration will enable Independent Gemological Laboratories to keep a record of your purchase in our database. Once you are registered, in the event of a loss or theft, Independent will assist by providing a report of your file to you, and additional copies for any other parties (such as the police, etc.) who may need it. In addition, if after registration your report is lost, you may obtain a reprint if you have no record of the report number.
  Registration Requirements
  An Independent™ report describing a gemstone or finished article of jewelry.
  It is not necessary for your report to have a replacement value to register your jewelry. However, your insurance company may require you to have a value added to the report if it does not have one. To issue an appraisal with replacement value for an item with a grading or identification report will carry a fee. On the registration form, click on View and Order Certificate for details, or contact us at 212-382-0008 .
  Submission of the Registration Form.
  Please click below, Mail in registration application link. Fill out all of the required fields, and as many optional fields as you would like, print it and mail us on below address.
  25 West 45th Street, Suite 1406, New York, NY 10036
Mail in registration application (Use for IGL Certificate without report number)
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